Nike and Dell are Designing Shoes with Virtual Reality

Nike and Dell are Designing Shoes with Virtual Reality

Nike is looking to stay ahead of the footwear game with technology from Dell.

Nike, Dell, Meta Vision, and Ultrahaptics present the future of design.

A new video by Nike and Dell gives us a glimpse of the what the future of design might possibly look like.

It shows Nike designers working on the Nike VaporMax using the Dell Canvas – an interactive pen and off-hand “totem” device.

Together with augmented reality and haptic technology, these tools allow designers to create holographic images of any working product. It even lets them feel the textures of different fabrics.

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Not only are these technologies a “precursor” to a future, but they also make the design process more natural and efficient for designers.

In addition, the video also showcases how a designer shouldn’t be limited by their tools, but instead, be empowered by them to innovate.

Lastly, the video serves as a testament to how technology can help inspire individuals and reinvent the design process.

Watch the inspiring video above to learn more.

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