You’re not high: It’s the “Skunk Dunk” with an inverted color palette for 420 this year

You’re not high: It’s the “Skunk Dunk” with an inverted color palette for 420 this year

The original 2010 SB Dunk “Skunk” was a 420 sneaker that quickly became a grail for many. This year, Nike is inverting the colorway.

Nike SB Dunk “420” side view

Update: April 21, 10:53 am (Singapore time) 
The Nike SB Dunk “420” was an exclusive release by Familia Skateboard Shop and dropped on the Copdate app on April 21 at 5:20 am (Singapore time). As expected, all raffle slots have been taken up and results will be announced soon.

Nike brings back the “Skunk” as the Nike SB Dunk “420” which uses the same color palette as the “Dunk Skunk”, but applied to different parts of the sneaker this time.

Commemorating “420” has been a yearly affair for Nike and 2020 is no exception. This year, Nike is doing a little throwback to 2010. That was the year Nike dropped the highly coveted SB Dunk “Skunk”. The Quickstrike sneaker had a green suede upper that imitated grass and even had a secret stash pocket hidden in the tongue. To celebrate the highest day of the year, Nike is inverting the 2010 Quickstrike sneaker to create the Nike SB Dunk “420”.

Nike SB Dunk “skunk dunk

The Nike SB Dunk “Skunk” first dropped as a Quickstrike sneaker in 2010.

The Nike SB Dunk “420” is simply an inverted take on the “Skunk Dunk” released in 2010. The “420″ stays true to the original, using a similar brushed suede all around the upper. Most of the upper comes in two shades of purple with a green Swoosh and outsole. Another feature carried forward is the stash pocket located behind the tongue – big enough to store your “grass”.

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An added feature is the “1/420” label at the heel, which is an indication of its Quickstrike release. Only 420 of these sneakers will be made and is rumored to drop on April 20, aka 420. However, there has been no confirmation about its release. Stay tuned for updates.

All images: Twitter/ J23app

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