Earth Day 2020: Nike makes finding sustainable sportswear easier

Earth Day 2020: Nike makes finding sustainable sportswear easier

To commemorate Earth Day, Nike announces renewed efforts to make their sustainable apparel and sneakers more accessible.

Nike Earth Day Pinwheel

You can now shop Nike Sustainable Design pieces easily, through changes in their website’s design, search features and information panels.

There’s no better time for Nike to announce their latest efforts to make sustainable sportswear accessible to all than on Earth Day. Through revisions to and an introduction of a new logo, finding Nike Sustainable Design apparel and sneakers has never been easier.

Navigate via the “Sustainable Material” button

Nike Sustainable Design category

First up, there’s a “Shop Sustainable” button in the main navigation, that takes you straight to the items that fall under this category. To be sure, items that are sustainably made are tagged with the Sunburst badging (see gif above). This badge was designed over 40 years ago and has been repurposed as the “Move to Zero” logo – a marking of products that are made of more than 50% sustainable fabrics.

“How This Was Made” tab

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Nike Sustainable Design How This Was Made

Nike has also introduced a “How This Is Made” tab, which details the process by which the sustainably made item was created. It also explains how using materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton, which are commonly used in Nike Sustainable Design apparel, helps reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Nike Sustainable Design logo

Next time you are on, check out the “Shop Sustainable” collection, which includes jerseys, training apparel and lifestyle gear.

Are you more likely to buy a sneaker or t-shirt if it was sustainably made? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

All images: Nike

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