Nike Trolls Sneakerhead with a Surprise Package

Nike Trolls Sneakerhead with a Surprise Package

Who would’ve thought that Nike would take time off to play a prank on one of their fans.

nike oreo cork

Nike trolls 23-year-old sneakerhead Charles Henderson, aka @Est1991_ on Twitter, with a surprise package and this is how it happened:

When Henderson missed out on the Air Max 90 Cork when they dropped he started replying to every single tweet sent by Nike with “Not Oreos, Not Corks.” in reference to the Air Max 90 Cork and the Flyknit Racer Oreo.

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Henderson sent out a tweet on May 21st saying ” How special you have to be to get gifts from nike like shoes and stuff” and it was this very tweet that Nike had printed out, framed up and sent to Henderson together with a hand written note “Corks and Oreos? We got you.” – @NikeStore. To Henderson’s surprise, he did get Oreos and Corks. Well, literally:

Nike replied to Henderson’s tweet of appreciation which confirmed that it really was a prank the brand played.

Now that Nike has set a precedent, the brand can expect an influx of tweets from freebie/troll care package recipient hopefuls. But who knows, one might really get lucky. Imagine if you really got what you were asking for.

Source: Complex 

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