NIKEiD Singapore and Malaysia Now Online

NIKEiD Singapore and Malaysia Now Online

NIKEiD Singapore and Malaysia platforms have finally been rolled out. We snoop around to find out more.


Update: 28 October 2016, 2:44pm (GMT +8)
According to a press release sent today, on behalf of Nike Singapore: “Products purchased through in Singapore will be shipped from within the city state. NIKEiD customized items will be shipped from Hong Kong, thereby shortening the waiting time as compared to shipping from the US.”

In September this year, we pre-empted you about the launch of NIKEiD Singapore and Malaysia. Well, the wait is finally over. 

According to the website, there are three simple steps to getting your own NIKEiD shoes: 1) You design your shoe; 2) Nike makes the shoe you design; 3) You wait three to five weeks for your NIKEiD shoe to be delivered to you.

Shoes available for customizing on NIKEiD Singapore and Malaysia are indicated with a color wheel with the word “Customise” next to it.

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We attempted to place an order and a prompter came up to say our order would take up to four weeks to be delivered, but a more specific timeline was given at checkout. It was said our order would arrive between December 2nd and 6th, which is more than four weeks (but still within the three to five week range).

That said, having waited this long for the launch of NIKEiD Singapore and Malaysia,  we don’t foresee anyone lamenting the delivery timeline. So go ahead, go crazy with your very own NIKEiD.

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