Nintendo Might Release the SNES Mini Again this Christmas

Nintendo Might Release the SNES Mini Again this Christmas

Looks like Christmas is coming to Nintendo lovers early!


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After recently discontinuing the iconic NES Classic, Nintendo is now rumored to be re-releasing the adorable SNES Mini console this Christmas.

The news was first reported by Eurogamer whose sources informed that development of the device is currently underway. Additionally, the SNES Mini Nintendo console is also said to replace the NES Classic, which was discontinued in early April 2017.

For those unaware, the SNES Mini, a.k.a the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is designed to be a “plug and play” game console, and is speculated to come with 30 pre-installed classic games. Expect to see games such as the iconic Donkey Kong, Mario, and even Mortal Kombat pre-installed in the new SNES Mini.

The retro NES game consoles proved to be quite popular after the company re-released the NES Classic on November 11, 2016, reports PC Advisor. According to Polygon, the gaming giant sold more than 1.5 million consoles as of late January, for US$60 (approx. S$84).

No price for the SNES Mini has been made available just yet but for those interested in getting their hands on the console, Amazon’s marketplace is currently reselling the SNES Mini for US$280.90 (approx. S$392.60), while eBay resellers are currently selling the console for £91.72 to £299 (approx. S$164.38 to S$536).

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