Object of Desire: Against Lab “Logo” Tee

Object of Desire: Against Lab “Logo” Tee

The Against Lab “Logo” tee literally adds plenty of color to your OOTD. See what else makes it a stand-out.

Against Lab “Logo” Tee

Why: Against Lab’s latest collection sees tees (short and long-sleeved ones) in varying designs, of which the most outstanding is arguably its “Logo” tee. Adding bright hues to the logo, the geniuses at Against Lab then printed a normal and oversized version of it onto the front and back of the tee respectively. No excuse not to wear one out and make a great impression.
What else: Made with 200gsm cotton, the tee is finished with a scoop cut hem and Against Lab’s iconic printed label.
Gimme: Priced at S$45 a piece, the Against Lab “Logo” tee is available now at Seamless in both white and black colors.

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