Object of Desire: Bellroy Slim Leather Wallets

Object of Desire: Bellroy Slim Leather Wallets

Say goodbye to thick, unsightly wallets with Bellroy’s range of slim leather wallets, specially designed and available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Bellroy Slim Leather Wallets

What: Bellroy slim leather wallets
Why: We’re all guilty of chucking heaps of unwanted stuff into our wallets (receipts, mostly), adding unnecessary bulk. Bellroy not only offers helpful tips on how to slim the wallet, it produces its own range of slim leather wallets that are specially designed to significantly reduce wallet thickness and improve card storage capability. The wallets come in a variety of sizes to cater to different consumers – whether you’re an everyman or a jetsetter, there’s a Bellroy for you.
What else: Some of the wallets have nifty features such as pull-tabs for easy card access, discreet storage sections and even a micro pen for ad-hoc scribbling. Bellroy wallets are available in several colors and are made with a thinner, vegetable tanned leather that shapes itself better and ages beautifully. With proper leather care, the wallets can last for years.
Gimme: Bellroy slim leather wallets range from S$79 to S$179. Available at its online store or at select retailers islandwide.

Image via Bellroy

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