Object of Desire: Bruce Lee x Under Armour T-shirt

Object of Desire: Bruce Lee x Under Armour T-shirt

Under Armour launches a collection of apparel that feature Bruce Lee, the late martial arts legend who continues to inspire many with his ideals and philosophy.

What: Bruce Lee x Under Armour “Roots of Fight” Photo T-shirt
Why: The late Bruce Lee stood for many ideals, among them the desire to reach peak physical strength and a never-say-die attitude. Now, you can pay homage to the legend himself with this t-shirt that features imagery of the martial arts practitioner in distressed print form. The t-shirt is made with ultra-soft 100% cotton with washed out colors for that vintage look.
What else: Other apparel in the collection include fleece hoodies, pants, and an assortment of tops.
Gimme: The Bruce Lee x Under Armour Jeet Kune Do T-shirt retails for S$49 and can be purchased online or at Under Armour’s Orchard Gateway (#B1-05) store.

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