Object of Desire: Christmas Kendama by KendamaSG

Object of Desire: Christmas Kendama by KendamaSG

Everyone should give the Kendama a whirl, especially if it is a limited edition release by Singapore kendama community, KendamaSG, that symbolizes the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas-Edition Kendama by KendamaSG

What: Christmas edition Kendama by KendamaSG
Why: Local Kendama community KendamaSG ushers in the festive season with the release of their Christmas edition Kendama that comes in three pearlized colorways – snow white, heavenly blue and rosy red; each color represents purity, the heavens, and love, respectively.
What else: The traditional Japanese toy has become a sensation here, with kids and adults hooked on mastering the many possible tricks that can be performed with the toy. Check out the video below for a peek at the hours of fun it brings.
Gimme: The Christmas edition Kendama retails at S$34.90 (excluding postage). Shoot KendamaSG a message on Facebook to find out how you can purchase one (or more).


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