Object of Desire: HTC RE Camera

Object of Desire: HTC RE Camera

Whether it’s a trek in the jungle or a dive underwater, the nifty HTC RE Camera can capture any important moment with just a push of the button.


What: HTC RE Camera
Why: The HTC RE Camera is a pocket-sized action camera that can shoot high-definition photos and videos on the fly, and is ideal for capturing outdoor sports and adventures. A wide-angle lens eliminates the need for a viewfinder and includes more surrounding details in the footage taken. The HTC RE also enables the taking of selfies without ridiculous looking monopods – all you have to do is point and shoot.
What else: Files on the HTC RE Camera can be transferred quickly and wirelessly to most smartphones, allowing users to share them on social media conveniently.
Gimme: The HTC RE Camera retails for S$348 and is available at selected retailers from today onwards.


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