Object of Desire: Kaminski XY “Hardin” Fedora

Object of Desire: Kaminski XY “Hardin” Fedora

Make headway with this stylish fedora from renowned headwear label Kaminski XY.

What: Kaminski XY Autumn/Winter ’14 “Hardin” Fedora
Why: The “Hardin” Fedora features a classic center dent crown, 2-inch brim, adjustable inner band and is finished with an Italian rib-effect wool band.
What else: For thirty years, Helen Kaminski’s headwear have been well-known for combining trendy fashion with functionality. Kaminski XY, a range created specially for men, has been making the man on the street stand out since 2005, with its attention to detail, rich color palette and diversity in material and texture.
Gimme: The Kaminski XY “Hardin” Fedora retails for S$350 and is available at Club21b (#01-10 Forum the Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Road).

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