Object of Desire: Leica X

Object of Desire: Leica X

Take your photography to the next level with the Leica X, a nifty digital camera that is capable of producing stunning photos.

Leica X Digital Camera

Why: The Leica X is made in Germany and captures brilliant pictures and full HD video. Like other cameras in the Leica family, this one reproduces the finest details with accurate colors. Photos taken by the camera also require minimal software editing.
What else: To see just what this Leica camera is capable of, head down to Leica Galerie (Raffles Hotel Arcade, #01-18) from now till May 22nd to see various photos taken by seven of Singapore’s creative individuals.
Gimme: The Leica X is priced at S$3,200 as of today, and is available at all Leica stores and authorized Leica dealers.

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