Object of Desire: 5 Things That Caught Our Eye at Maison&Objet Asia

Object of Desire: 5 Things That Caught Our Eye at Maison&Objet Asia

The Maison&Objet lifestyle exhibition has made its way from Paris to Singapore and is on till March 13th. Here are five items that stopped us in our tracks and made us want to own them so bad.


What: Pixel cabinet by Boca Do Lobo
Why: It’s unlike any other cabinet we’ve ever seen, and is signature piece-worthy. There are 1,088 triangles on the cabinet and it invokes a sense of mystery. We can stare at it all day and marvel at the colors that adorn it. Definitely a masterpiece.
What else:
Portuguese company Boca Do Lobo makes plenty other stunning furniture and decorative pieces that stretch the limits of creativity. Check their website out!
Gimme: Approximately S$33,000 but given that it’s limited edition, we’ll gladly shell out money for it.

What: Color-changing bathtub by Hotaru, Takeshita
Why: This is no American Standard, this one stands out thanks to its ability to shift from color to color, up to seven in all. The ever-changing hues are soothing and will put anyone in a relaxed mood.
What else: As explained by Takeshita’s President Michihiro Takeshita, the color-shifting is made possible due to LEDs running along the underneath of the bathtub. What an innovation.
Gimme: Costs roughly S$11,700 but is currently available only in Japan. The company is looking for local distributors so there’s still hope!

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What: Customized handmade boxes by Elie Bleu
Why: Whether it’s cigars, watches, jewellery or other knick knacks, French company Elie Bleu has customized handmade boxes tailored to keep your items in pristine condition. Boxes don’t have to be boring, as evidenced by the numerous designs on display. We dig the Che Guevara and United States flag designs.
What else: Depending on the kind of items being stored, some boxes have gauges in them to monitor humidity levels. Also, the boxes seal completely shut so no air gets in. Pretty neat if you have sensitive stuff to store.
Gimme: Prices vary depending on box sizes and materials, but rest assured that solid wood is used and that the boxes are handcrafted.

What: SmileSolar watches by Q&Q
Why: Typical solar watches have their solar panel on the watch face itself, which is pretty ugly in our opinion. On the other hand, Q&Q’s SmileSolar watches have the curved solar panel discreetly placed along the inside edge of the watch face. They also come in fifteen color schemes.
What else: The company endeavors to save the environment, hence their SmileSolar watches are battery-free and are made with recycled materials. What’s more, part of the proceeds from the watch sales go toward Table For Two‘s program to deliver healthy school meals to children in Africa and Asia.
Gimme: Each watch costs roughly S$50 and is available at Mustafa Centre for now. Fret not, for an online shop will be opened on March 24th. Stay tuned!


What: Tembusu tableware by local designer Melvin Ong (Desinere)
Why: Noted as one of the Rising Asian Talents at Maison&Objet Asia, Ong has created functional products that double up as an expression of his creativity. The Tembusu set of ceramic wares, named after the majestic Tembusu tree, were made in conjunction with Japanese ceramic company Kohara Inc. under the Singapore Icons Studio Project.
What else: Through his design Studio, Desinere, Ong has produced novel items ranging from lounge side tables to paperweight spintops. We can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeves!
Gimme: The Tembusu full set (as pictured) will set you back by S$48 and is purchasable from the Supermama store.

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