Object of Desire: Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

Object of Desire: Razer Blade Gaming Laptop

As important as it is to have the latest specifications, the Razer Blade gaming laptop also has an intricate cooling system to prevent every gamer’s nightmare – overheating.

What: Razer Blade gaming laptop
Why: Whether you’re a casual or competition-level gamer that’s always on the go, you’ll definitely want a gaming laptop with all the top-end features. The new and improved Razer Blade is built with the latest graphics card, processing power and a vibrant full HD display, allowing even the most demanding games to run smoothly.
What else: Any gamer worth his salt knows that along with a high performance gaming machine comes the risk of overheating. The Razer Blade eliminates this issue with a cooling system that draws heat away from main touch surfaces and sends it to areas not commonly touched for quicker heat dissipation.
Gimme: Pricing for the Razer Blade gaming laptop starts from S$2,999. Register your interest at Razerzone.

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