Object of Desire: Slickieslaces 2TONE Rope Laces

Object of Desire: Slickieslaces 2TONE Rope Laces

Shake up the appearance of your sneakers with some new rope laces that come in numerous color choices.

What: Slickieslaces 2TONE Rope Laces in assorted color options.
Why: Flat laces may not complement your sneakers the best way possible; change that by swapping them for some two-tone rope laces that come in colors that will suit most kicks.
What else: Besides the 2TONE laces, Slickieslaces also stocks a whole bunch of other lace designs, such as 3M rope laces, waxed laces and even camo laces. Visit its blog for ideas and inspiration on which laces go well with which sneakers.
Gimme: Retailing at S$8.90 a pair, the 2TONE Rope Laces can be purchased directly from Slickieslaces’ webstore.

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