Object of Desire: UNIQLO Denim Work Jacket

Object of Desire: UNIQLO Denim Work Jacket

The UNIQLO Denim Work Jacket, available for both men and women, is made with denim fabric from Japan’s famous Kaihara denim mill.

What: UNIQLO Denim Work Jacket (Men and Women)
Why: There’s no easier way to spruce up a casual outfit than with a well-fitted denim jacket. Perfect for days where a t-shirt and jeans doesn’t quite cut it and a suit would be overkill.
What else: The UNIQLO Denim Work Jacket is part of the UNIQLO Indigo Blue Project, a premium denim collection inspired by authentic Japanese indigo denim and traditional weaving and dyeing techniques. The collection consists of jeans, shorts, shirts, dresses, sweats and t-shirts, and uses denim fabric supplied by Kaihara, one of Japan’s oldest and best denim mills.
Gimme: The UNIQLO Denim Work Jacket retails for S$149.90 and will be available from November 28th at UNIQLO’s online and ION Orchard stores.

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