Object of Desire: Veja Esplar Tilapia Shoes

Object of Desire: Veja Esplar Tilapia Shoes

French sneaker brand Veja aims to change the way sneakers are made by using eco-friendly materials and processes. Find out what goes into the making of its Veja Esplar Tilapia shoes.

What: Veja Esplar Tilapia shoes (available in black or blue)
Why: The unique upper found on the shoe comes from the skin of the Tilapia, an Amazonian fish. These fine-scaled skins are tanned using vegetable extracts. Nine Tilapia skins are required to make each pair of the sneakers.
What else: Veja aims to improve the principles of economic, social and environmental development and create a positive chain from producers to consumers. To this end, the French brand uses ethically sourced materials from Brazil, eco-green processes and pays its workers fair wages.
Gimme: The Veja Esplar Tilapia shoes retails for S$349 and is available at Robinsons (The Heeren, 260 Orchard Road).

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