Object of Desire: Audio Engineer’s Hoodie

This audio engineer’s hoodie, specifically made so you can slip on a pair of headphones even when the hood is up, ensures you never lose your cool.

What: Audio Engineer’s Hoodie
Why: This hoodie is made from a water-resistant poly/cotton blend, but the magic is in the acoustically transparent, speaker-cloth hood panels that allow sound to pass through. This means that you can slip on your headphones and listen to music even while the hood is up. Sounds fantastic whether you’re an audio engineer, deejay or just the average Joe with a penchant for hoodies and headphones.
What else: Much thought has been put into this innovative apparel, with headphone pass-through holes in the pockets, a cassette-themed inner liner and internal pull-out wiring diagram (for true blue audio engineers).
Gimme: A product of crowdfunding under Betabrand, the Audio Engineer’s Hoodie has met its funding goal and will definitely be produced. Priced at US$142.20, you can order yours here.

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