Object of Desire: Blunt XS_Metro Umbrella

Object of Desire: Blunt XS_Metro Umbrella

Built to withstand adverse weather conditions, this handy brolly is just what you need to keep you and your sneakers dry this rainy season.

What: Blunt XS_Metro umbrella
Why: If you wanna avoid looking like a wet duck with dry sneakers, arm yourself with an umbrella this rainy season. Designed with safety and functionality in mind, the Blunt XS_Metro collapsible umbrella features rounded edges and patented Radial Tensioning System, ensuring that passersby don’t get accidentally poked and that strong winds won’t wreck the brolly.
What else: Tested in a wind tunnel and passing a 38-point quality check before it leaves the factory, the Blunt XS_Metro umbrella opens up automatically with the push of a button and comes in a myriad of catchy colors.
Gimme: Priced at S$89.90, the Blunt XS_Metro umbrella will be exclusively available at Blunt’s website from mid December onwards. Meanwhile, you can pre-order yours, at celebratory launch prices, at the Expats Weekender Fair this weekend.


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