Object of Desire: inkCase i6 E-Ink for iPhone 6

Object of Desire: inkCase i6 E-Ink for iPhone 6

Double-up your iPhone display with the upcoming inkCase i6 that offers a secondary screen for book-reading, messages and other notifications.

What: inkCase i6 E-Ink for iPhone 6
Why: This iPhone case is giving the amazon Kindle a run for its money thanks to its eye-raising features. On top of displaying your favorite literature on the go, this additional 4.3-inch E-Ink screen on the back of the phone shows your latest messages, notifications and weather updates with its inbuilt info center.
What else: Its anti-glare display allows you to read under direct sunlight and provides you with a paper-like viewing experience. The best part? The inkCase does not compromise the battery life of your iPhone.
Gimme: The inkCase i6 E-Ink for iPhone 6 is set to release in Spring here. However, a specific date has not been revealed. In the meantime, iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note II users can purchase an inkCase for USD$79.99 and USD$69.99 respectively.

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