Object of Desire: Mophie H2Pro Waterproof Juice Pack

Object of Desire: Mophie H2Pro Waterproof Juice Pack

This new product lets your iPhone 6 survive rough conditions, like an unexpected dive into the waters.

What: Mophie H2Pro waterproof juice pack for iPhone 6
Why: Providing up to 14 additional hours of talk time, 10 additional hours of web browsing, 11 additional hours of video playback, and 50 additional hours of music playback, this juice pack also offers protection against elements such as water, dust and dirt. Accidental drops are also a thing of the past, with the H2Pro’s use of tough materials and sturdy construction.
What else: Pass-through charging and syncing means it’s not necessary to remove the juice pack when connecting the iPhone 6 to a power outlet or computer. Volume and power buttons, along with the mute switch, are fully accessible on the juice pack too.
Gimme: The Mophie H2Pro retails for S$189 and is available at all Mophie authorized dealers in Singapore.

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