Object of Desire: Nod Gesture Control Ring

Object of Desire: Nod Gesture Control Ring

With its ability to control a host of devices wirelessly through simple gestures, the Nod Gesture Control Ring is indeed the one ring to rule them all.

What: Nod Gesture Control Ring
Why: Controlling devices wirelessly with hand gestures is no longer Hollywood science fiction. With Nod, tasks like moving the computer cursor, choosing the next song on the smartphone, swiping between presentation slides or even adjusting the air-conditioning temperature can be done without the need for contact with any surface.
What else: Nod is designed to work with a growing list of devices that contain Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The waterproof device is meant to be worn all day and also has a small touch panel as well as two tactile buttons on its underside for traditional contact movements.
Gimme: Nod is priced at US$149 and will be available this Fall. Pre-orders are available on the Nod website here.

Nod Product Video:

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