Object of Desire: Paperwallet Magic Coin Pouch

Object of Desire: Paperwallet Magic Coin Pouch

The team from Paperwallet has created the Magic Coin Pouch, a solution to prevent coins from spilling out of your wallet and pocket.


Paperwallet Magic Coin Pouch

Why: Let’s face it, coins are cumbersome to store and add unnecessary bulk to wallets. The folks from Paperwallet have come up with an ingenious idea — a coin pouch that fits 20 coins tidily. Made from durable Tyvek material, all you have to do is flick the pouch to access your coins and flick it again to keep them securely stored.
What else: Available in eight designs, the Magic Coin Pouch has a sidekick, in the form of the Standard Wallet. Backers can choose to pledge more (US$22 and above) to get a complete set of both the wallet and coin pouch.
Gimme: The Paperwallet Magic Coin Pouch is a crowdfunded campaign on Kickstarter. It’s already fully funded, and you have about a day more before the project closes. Prices start at US$11. See the campaign here.

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