Object of Desire: SG50 Commemorative Notes

Object of Desire: SG50 Commemorative Notes

Marking Singapore’s 50 years of independence, this special set of SG50 commemorative notes incorporates the nation’s values and aspirations in its design.

Image via Channel News Asia

Image via Channel NewsAsia

What: SG50 commemorative notes (each set has one $50 polymer note and five $10 polymer notes)
Why: In celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee, a set of SG50 commemorative notes have been released for the public. Featuring six designs that depict Singapore’s milestones and achievements, the notes come in specially designed folders for keepsake.
What else: Serious collectors can pre-order the pricier, numismatic sets that have notes with special serial numbers and even uncut sheets.
Gimme: Simply head down to the branches of the nine major retail banks (full list here) to exchange for the notes at face value. There are enough notes to go around so there’s no rush and no need to fork out absurd amounts for resale sets that are floating on Carousell.


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