Object of Desire: Straatosphere “Self Made” Tee

Object of Desire: Straatosphere “Self Made” Tee

You work hard for your money, now make your money work for you. Grab this tee before it’s sold out, and make your way down to our party!

What: Straatosphere “Self Made” tee in black
Why: Crown yourself the champ with our “Self Made” tee, a commemoration of our party series of the same name, and a nod to our three years of existence (check out those three stars on the graphic).
What else: If you’ve been living under a shell, it’s time to get out and head down to our party this Saturday. All the details can be found here.
Gimme: Priced at S$30 a pop, get your Straatosphere “Self Made” tee over at Seamless, while stocks last!

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