Object of Desire: The Sandwichbike – A Wheely Beautiful DIY Bike

Object of Desire: The Sandwichbike – A Wheely Beautiful DIY Bike

Thou shalt not covet, but sometimes you just can’t help it, eh? Here’s our pick of lustworthy, material things. This week: The Sandwichbike. Trust us, it’s wheely beautiful. 

What: The Sandwichbike
Why: Because the Sandwichbike allows you to assemble your own bike. Like furniture from IKEA, it comes to you in a box, and you put it together on your own. Too lazy? There’s also the option to have it pre-assembled and delivered to your home.
What else: The Sandwichbike was designed by Dutch industrial designer, Basten Lejih, who completely turned a traditional bike on its head. Instead of a metal frame, its skeleton is formed from two weather-coated pieces of layered plywood sandwiched together, hence the name.
Gimme: Retails at 
$2,688* for the unassembled model (Pay $200 more to have it assembled for you). Test-rides available at The Redundant Shop. Pre-order your Sandwichbike at Sandwichbike Singapore.

*$250 pre-order discount promotion from now till 12 March 2014.

Images courtesy of The Redundant Shop

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