Object of Desire: Zephiires Onyx 5-Panel Cap

Object of Desire: Zephiires Onyx 5-Panel Cap

Make a strong statement with this understated cap from Zephiires, a Singapore-based headwear label.

What: Zephiires Onyx 5-Panel Cap
Why: Constructed from strong and durable melton fabric, this traditional cap has all the modern features, such as suede on the underbrim for extra softness, along with a leather patch label sewn on the front that lends minimalist details.
What else: Zephiires’ signature net inner lining found within the cap reduces heat absorption and keeps the scorching weather at bay. Great for the dry months ahead.
Gimme: Grab your Zephiires Onyx 5-Panel Cap over at Seamless for just S$49.

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