Obscura: The Analog iPhone Projector

Obscura: The Analog iPhone Projector

Fancy having a mini home cinema without having to break the bank for an electronic smartphone projector? The analog iPhone projector, Obscura, might just be the thing for you.

The tech market isn’t short of smartphone projectors, but rarely do you see one like Obscura, a minimalist projector with an analog display; an old-school way of projecting images and sound from the iPhone.

The brainchild of designer Tiffany Loy, the Obscura is made up of card paper and a plastic lens. It’s easy to set up and resembles a small black box with a semicircle “dish” that helps direct sound back toward the audience. Simply place the Obscura half a meter away from the wall, set your iPhone to maximum brightness and slot it in. Don’t forget to disable the auto-rotate function! Expect to see a projection that’s half a meter wide and you can even tweak the projected image’s sharpness by adjusting the Obscura’s distance from the wall.

When not in use, the Obscura doubles up as a decorative object in your room. Sounds interesting? Find out more and place your order here.

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