Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @aiksooon

Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @aiksooon

In Occupy #Straatsnaps, we invite professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to take over our Instagram account (@straat0sphere) for a weekend. Last weekend’s edition was contributed by @aiksooon.

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at, changes


We often become attached to something we shouldn’t


Double trouble


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Introducing Singapore’s local culture in three pictures for this set. Hope you guys actually catch a glimpse of what Singapore is all about and I assure you that there is definitely more than what I can show you over here


Despite the urbanized city filled with dense high-rise buildings, there is always a part of Singapore that preserves the local culture


Have faith. Believe, and we’ll all go far


Drop us an email at editorial@straatosphere.com if you would like to Occupy #Straatsnaps!

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