Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @weixuvn

Occupy #Straatsnaps: Featuring @weixuvn

In Occupy #Straatsnaps, we invite professional and amateur photographers from all over the world to take over our Instagram account (@straat0sphere) for a weekend. Last weekend’s edition was contributed by Seow Wei Xuan (@weixuvn).

Hey, this is @weixuvn and I will be taking over @straat0sphere this weekend. I took this photo when I first started my Instagram journey and it means a lot to me. I am glad that I took this opportunity and used Instagram as a platform to showcase my photos to people all around the world and make them realize that we have magnificent architectures in our small nation. The endless opportunities and kind words I received when I started Instagram spur me to create more exciting content in the future. Please anticipate my future works!

This photo was taken at the well known Gardens by the Bay. It was an impromptu shot and it came to my surprise that I was actually able to capture this shot with the sun directly behind the infrastructure. The ability to capture moments of the present and reminisce it in the future makes photography meaningful and unforgettable for me.

After seeing countless of posts of this building, it sparked my interest to pay a visit to this place personally. I am constantly amazed and taken aback by all the amazing infrastructure that Singapore has to offer. More so ever since I’ve started using Instagram. Who dares say that Singapore is boring when we have so many places to explore and appreciate?

This is one of the most memorable photos that I’ve ever taken. While browsing through Instagram, I noticed many local photographers posting amazing shots of this place. I knew I had to capture my own shot. One rainy day, I braved through the storm and captured this magnificent scene showcasing Singapore’s most iconic skyline. Even after visiting other locations, this spot still amazes me the most and I urge everyone to visit this place.

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My parents used to bring me to this temple frequently when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to appreciate the intricate design of this building just yet. But that changes ever since I started taking more photos of the various architectures in Singapore. I was able to appreciate the design and history behind this structure. Photography has certainly taught me to be appreciative of my surroundings.

During a visit to the Cloud Forest, I wanted to capture shots that are fresh and creative. As I explored around the area, I was able to capture this shot that revealed Marine Bay Sands in a completely new perspective. This demonstrates my drive in producing work that is different from others and not limiting myself to a certain genre.

My style constantly varies as I like to experiment and challenge myself. In this photo, the color and tone are similar to @spatialflow as I was strongly inspired by his futuristic and unique works. The orange and blue tones of his work applies well to Singapore’s architectures. I do hope that I can collaborate with him in the future. This makes the end of my takeover! If you fancy my works and look forward to seeing more, please follow me at @weixuvn for more updates!

Drop an email at editorial@straatosphere.com if you would like to Occupy #Straatsnaps!

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