Paying it Forward with #OneLessStranger

Paying it Forward with #OneLessStranger

#OneLessStranger, a campaign by Airbnb, encourages people to perform random acts of kindness for complete strangers.


In a bid to encourage people to do nice things for others, Airbnb launched its #OneLessStranger movement in December last year, which gives $10, or the equivalent in foreign currency, to 100,000 Airbnb community members worldwide, amounting to $1 million. These members are encouraged pay it forward through random acts of kindness such as buying someone a cup of coffee or tickets to a movie.

In Singapore, Airbnb met up with its community on January 9th, where S$10 was given away to the first 100 people. Local personalities such as Kiss 92 DJ, Maddy Barber, and blogger, Mr Brown, participated.

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Based in San Francisco, Airbnb, is widely known for its numerous triumphant campaigns. It garnered critical acclaim for its most recent advertising campaign back in November last year; A short animated tear-jerker about the anniversary of the Berlin Wall, which received rave reviews.

Anyone and everyone is invited to join in and chronicle their #OneLessStranger moment and be part of this movement to make the world a cozier place. More information can be found on the Airbnb blog, or on their interactive site.

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