Orchard Central’s PACT Just Got Bigger & Better!

Orchard Central’s PACT Just Got Bigger & Better!

The lifestyle collective has introduced five additional businesses and looks set to bring shopping experiences to a whole new level.

By Daniel Loy


The wacky and fun people behind PACT

We thought lifestyle emporium PACT had it all covered, with Kilo restaurant’s laid-back dining experience, comfortable apparel and accessories from Sifr, and trendy hair services from pact+LIM all under one roof. But little did we know that they had more up their sleeves.

Just last week, PACT surprised us when it relaunched with five more businesses added to the stable. The new additions include design-centric wares from SPUR Hauswerks, artisanal perfumes from Code Deco, quirky and artsy furniture from Fred Lives Here, handcrafted semi-precious stone jewellery from Killari and Japanese nail art salon kiyone+LIM.

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Kilo restaurant is the place to fuel up before you tackle the rest of PACT

Occupying 7,500 square feet of space inside Orchard Central Level 2, PACT has ditched the traditional notions of standalone stores by giving each merchant their own retail area while networking them together as one seamless retail collective under an open-store concept.

“I think it’s the way of the future; there’s no sense in opening things alone. Get good people together, put great products in and you have yourself a business that can enjoy the cross-polination,” said Suraj Melwani, co-owner of Sifr.


Love furniture-hunting? Fred Lives Here is right up your alley

“All the brands have a certain sensibility that I think ties us together, and even though aesthetically we might feel quite different, but I think our products and services reach out to a similar audience,” said Seraphina Woon, co-owner of Kilo.


SPUR Hauswerks, with Code Deco and kiyone+LIM at the back

With collectivism clearly the name of the game, the eight business-owners often hold discussions with each other to think of ways to improve PACT. “We’re all tapping into each others’ strengths as well as co-working towards a common belief. It also goes to show that all this can be done by grassroots-type of folks like us,” said Suraj.

PACT is located at #02-14 to #02-23, Orchard Central.


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