Past Forward: Singapore Remembers its Past and Celebrates its Future

Past Forward: Singapore Remembers its Past and Celebrates its Future

Past Forward projects remember Singapore’s past and celebrate its future through film, photography, design and even Lego.

Past Forward

The NLB’s Singapore Memory Project (SMP) celebrates the SG50 with the launch of Past Forward, a showcase of 74 projects that received support from the irememberSG Fund.

The Past Forward initiative aims to present Singapore’s past from an alternate perspective than the one we already know. Lego, film, photography and design are just a few of the many media that are used by home-grown artists and everyday individuals to illustrate Singapore’s vibrant culture and growth.

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Singapore Snaps

One of the nostalgic photos from Singapore Snaps

Singapore Snaps is one of the awarded projects which is a comprehensive art project aiming to highlight the collective memories of Singaporeans through different eras. This is done by creating animated videos using photos of the past which are compiled by students who went from door to door in the heartlands to ask for residents to contribute their photos.

the little red brick

The Little Red Brick

Another project that is on display is The Little Red Brick, which is a project spearheaded by local adult Lego enthusiasts. They came together to build 50 iconic pieces  for the SG50 edition of The Little Red Brick Show. Several of their pieces are currently showcased at the NLB with the final piece to be revealed in the week of Singapore’s 50th birthday.

A sneak preview of Past Forward will be for display at The Plaza at NLB where 20 out of 74 projects will be exhibited to the public until March 20th.

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