Patch: A Smart Watch-Strap for Your Timepiece
Tech Published: November 11, 2016 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

Patch: A Strap That Turns Your Timepiece into a Smartwatch

Want to own a wearable device but can’t bear to let go of your analog watch? Patch may have just the thing for you.


Turn your favorite timepiece into a smart gadget with Patch, a watch-strap that contains plenty of tech.

Housed within each watch-strap is an accelerometer, vibration motor and Bluetooth 4.0 module, all mounted on a flexible circuit board. With this, Patch can track your daily steps and calories burnt by syncing these data with its accompanying app.

Wrist gestures are also enabled on it, meaning you can program the strap to take a remote selfie or end a phone call with just a shake of the wrist. Also useful is its anti-loss function, which sends a vibration to the user if he accidentally leaves his smartphone behind.

Patch also helps to prevent a sedentary lifestyle by providing gentle reminders for users to get up and take a stretch periodically. Its makers say that other features can be programmed into the activity tracker as well, opening up new possibilities for customized functions.

Available in five nylon (S$68 each) and two premium leather (S$88 each) designs, Patch will be available via Kickstarter on November 14th. Visit its official website for updates!

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