Paul Smith x Land Rover: A Tribute to the Defender

Paul Smith x Land Rover: A Tribute to the Defender

This Paul Smith-designed Land Rover Defender is both a head-turner and a fitting farewell to the iconic automobile that will be phased out later this year.

Renowned fashion designer Sir Paul Smith shifts his creative flair from the fashion runway to the roads for this collaboration with Land Rover and its iconic Defender off-road vehicle. A longstanding fan of the Defender, Smith keeps one in his home in Italy, using it to traverse the rugged terrain of the countryside. Working with Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations design team, Smith has created a one-of-a-kind Defender that stands out from the crowd.

The exterior panels feature 27 colors, all chosen by Smith and inspired by the British countryside and the Defenders used by the Armed Forces. The wing mirrors, door handles and wheels have been given a satin finish to create a contemporary feel. There’s even a hand-painted bee on the roof, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the countryside and the heritage of the car. On the inside, the Defender has been pimped out with a mix of leather and fabric seats along with other neat detailing.

This Paul Smith-designed Defender is part of a year-long celebration that pays tribute to the iconic vehicle, that’s been in production for 68 years, before it makes way for an all-new design in 2016. Land Rover is selling three versions of the Defender for the year, each commemorating a unique element of the automobile that reflects its versatility and strength.

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