PayPal CodeChallenge Invites Students to Geek Out Over C++ and Java

PayPal CodeChallenge Invites Students to Geek Out Over C++ and Java

If you’re a student with a knack for coding languages such as C++ and Java, put your skills to the test at PayPal’s CodeChallenge and win prizes while you’re at it!


As part of PayPal‘s mission to grow the developer community, the global leader in online payments will be launching the inaugural CodeChallenge, a nationwide coding contest aimed at nurturing budding young coders in Singapore, on Friday, April 17th.

The premise sounds simple but requires a high level of coding prowess. Participants have to  solve a set of coding challenges within two hours, from the comfort of their home. The next day, they will get to visit PayPal’s office, where the solutions and winners will be announced. An automated judging system will compile the source codes and determine the winners accordingly. CodeChallenge winners stand to walk away with attractive gadgets like GoPro camera, Razer Nabu and more!

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Contestants can access the contest system beginning from April 15th to familiarize themselves with the interface. The CodeChallenge is open to all students who are currently enrolled in an educational institution in Singapore. Coders will need to prove their eligibility with a student, matriculation or university card. Visit the Paypal CodeChallenge official website for more information.


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