PEONFX x Plainsunset “The Gift” 10th Anniversary T-shirt

PEONFX x Plainsunset “The Gift” 10th Anniversary T-shirt

Plainsunset celebrates 10 years since the release of its album “The Gift” with limited edition bundles and an anniversary t-shirt with local label PEONFX.

By Chris Ong

Punk-rock band Plainsunset has been in the local indie scene since 1996 and has made a name for itself with performances around the region. In celebration of their 2003 album “The Gift”, Plainsunset is re-releasing the album as a limited edition collector’s vinyl and cassette, as well as holding a one-night only show at TAB on Saturday, February 8th.

In addition, Plainsunset and local label PEONFX have collaborated to produce a 10th anniversary t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. Apart from being homegrown talents, both groups share a love for music, bicycles, and a passion for driving local urban culture.

The PEONFX x Plainsunset “The Gift” 10th Anniversary T-shirts are available at the PEONFX webstore and Sup Clothing. Plainsunset’s 10th Anniversary bundles are available for pre-order at 29 Cornflakes and tickets to their show are available at TAB.


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