Pizza Hut x The Shoe Surgeon “Pie Tops” Will Order Pizza For You

Pizza Hut x The Shoe Surgeon “Pie Tops” Will Order Pizza For You

Pizza Hut teams up with legendary shoe customizer, The Shoe Surgeon, to bring you sneakers that will help sort out your pizza cravings.

Pizza Hut changes both the sneaker and food delivery game with its latest campaign featuring the basketball-friendly “Pie Tops”.

The wonder-shoe, created in collaboration with Pizza Hut and sneaker customizer The Shoe Surgeon, will be able to order you pizzas all at the touch of the Pizza Hut icon button on the shoe tongue. The pizza will then be delivered directly to you, depending on the geolocation of your Pie Tops. You can even customize your pizza toppings via Pizza Hut’s Pie Top mobile app.

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But there’s more to the sneakers than its pizza ordering abilities. Created for basketball, the Pie Tops feature a white leather outer as well as finely crafted handmade stitching. In fact, pair will be gifted to NBA star, Grant Hill.

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The remaining 63 pairs will go out to other social media influencers and celebrities. It’s possible that a few lucky fans may get a chance to win a pair, but no details have been released yet.

The campaign was created to tie in to a Pizza Hut promotion from March to April – a large two-topping pizza at US$7.99 for carryout or delivery, but the order must be placed online.

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