Playboy Magazine’s NSFW Days are Over

Playboy Magazine’s NSFW Days are Over

For the longest time, Playboy magazine was the go-to medium for printed photos of stark naked women, but that’s about to change with this revamp.


Image via The Telegraph

Following last year’s revamp of the Playboy website that made it safe for work, the brand has now taken the next step in its evolution by making major changes to its flagship magazine.

The long-running Playboy print magazine, which has declined in readership of late, will have a top-to-bottom redesign that will be unveiled in the March 2016 issue. Cosmetic changes include an increase in paper size and quality, but the big highlight is that for the first time in history, nudity will no longer be featured within the pages of the magazine.

It’s a completely modern editorial and design approach, but don’t get all worked up just yet, because Playboy will continue to publish sexy, seductive pictorials of the world’s most beautiful women, including its iconic Playmates.

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For those who’ve been focusing instead on the bodies of text within the pages, rest assured that Playboy remains committed to its editorial content.

With these sweeping changes, who knows, Playboy magazine might just find its way to Singapore’s newsstands soon.

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