“Pooductive” Lets You Chat Up Strangers While You’re on the Toilet

“Pooductive” Lets You Chat Up Strangers While You’re on the Toilet

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, there’s now an app that connects you to random people around the world who are also doing their business.


Recent studies have shown that 75% of people use their phones while sitting on the toilet. That might be the inspiration behind Pooductive, a free app that is designed to let random people message each other while doing their business.

“Think of it as a magical place where people from around the globe can anonymously meet to enjoy their time of zen, peace and quite together, by conversing, philosophizing and sharing ideas with each other,” said the app’s founder, Ricardo Gruber, in an interview with The Guardian.

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“You can add friends, have group chats or simply enjoy a 1 on 1 conversation…it is so much better and more entertaining then simply reading the back of a shampoo bottle.”


The app failed in its crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter and will likely never reach the millions of active users that Facebook and WhatsApp currently have, but Gruber and fellow developer Marco Hernandez have hopes that their app will have a greater impact than just bathroom chat.

“We hope to connect Pooductive with some big charities that focus on both clean water and improving hygiene in developing countries,” they said in a statement to The Guardian.

“We’re working as fast as we can to realize our mission and get the charities we have already connected to on board. We hope that through this, Pooductive can have a positive impact – past connecting people on the loo – which has always been our intention.”

Check out the app here and tell us what you think.

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