Por Vida indoor skate park opens October 1

Por Vida indoor skate park opens October 1

Air conditioning, shelter, ramps and skateboarding classes all in one place? Por Vida Skateboarding to open Singapore’s largest indoor skate park on October 1. 

Por Vida Indoor skate parkPor Vida

Dodge the sun as you learn tricks, kicks and flips. Por Vida Skateboarding’s latest location is a brand new indoor skate park located at GR.iD Mall, 1 Selegie Rd, #B1-11. Slated to be Singapore’s largest indoor skate park, the new 6,700 sq ft locale offers the comforts of air conditioning and shower rooms alongside every ramp, rail, track and pipe you need to practice all the tricks in your repertoire. Plus as soon as you step out, you are greeted by a wide array of food options. 

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There are classes for everyone of all skill levels! Por Vida offers both beginner and intermediate-level classes for various group sizes. Starting at S$85 an hour for group modular classes, you can purchase passes that cover between 4 to 5 sessions. First-timers will need to take a compulsory 45-minute trial for S$45 to access their skill levels and map out appropriate classes. All classes include entrance fees and an hour of free-to-play time after every lesson. 

Por Vida Indoor skate park rampsPor Vida

If you do not require classes, you can pay to use the facilities. Simply purchase a S$15 pass to use the space for two hours. You can even rent a skateboard for impromptu sessions at S$10 a board. 

For more information, head to pvskateboarding.com and follow them on Instagram, @porvidaskateboarding for updates. 

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