It’s Morphin’ Time! Power Rangers Movie Hits Cinemas in 2016

It’s Morphin’ Time! Power Rangers Movie Hits Cinemas in 2016

It’s about time our favorite childhood superheroes get a well-deserved reboot. Read on to find out the exact release date of the new Power Rangers movie.

Power Rangers movie

Mark July 22, 2016 on your calendar, because according to film distribution company Lionsgate, that’s when the new Power Rangers movie will be released in movie theaters.

Power Rangers movie

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The original TV series, which was centered around a bunch of power-infused teenagers turning into masked heroes and fighting villains, got children and teenagers hooked in the ’90s and remains a cult classic till today. Who can ever forget the jaw-dropping scenes of Megazord finishing off a giant monster in almost every episode, or kids like us who pestered parents to buy Power Rangers action figures?

Power Rangers moviePower Rangers movie

Though the first Power Rangers movie that came out in 1995 was a commercial success, it lacked a good storyline and used special effects that are dismal by today’s standards. With modern-day CGI that has advanced by leaps and bounds since ’95, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that this reboot will deliver on all fronts. Go go Power Rangers!

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