Oops, PSY and Snoop Dogg Have a “Hangover”

Oops, PSY and Snoop Dogg Have a “Hangover”

PSY. He’s back. And this time to unveil a brand new song “Hangover” featuring Snoop Dogg on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this June 8th


Wet Psy!





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Eager to prove that he is more than a one-hit wonder, this June 8th, PSY will be debuting a track titled Hangover, featuring Snoop Dogg.

This comes after the resounding success of Gangnam Style, which has garnered over 2 billion YouTube views, and PSY’s sophomore effort, Gentleman, which has over 6 million YouTube views.

PSY and Snoop couldn’t couldn’t have picked a better platform to debut the single than on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC. Airing at 8pm/7pm CT/ET, both PSY and Snoop will appear to debut a clip from the track’s raucous music video, a prelude to its official global release on June 9th on iTunes and other digital retailers. Hangover teases fans for PSY’s upcoming lead single to be released later this summer.

Directly following the clip, the Hangover full length video will be available on the YouTube channels of Jimmy Kimmel Live! and PSY.

Will Hangover feature another crazy PSY dance? Will it be this year’s summer anthem? Tell us in the comments below!

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