PUMA Reissues the Iconic Match 74 and Puma Boris Becker to Celebrate Tennis Heritage

PUMA Reissues the Iconic Match 74 and Puma Boris Becker to Celebrate Tennis Heritage

This season, PUMA re-issues its iconic Match 74 and Puma Boris Becker shoes. Both are classics that share inextricable links to the tennis sport.

The year was 1985 and PUMA had just signed German tennis player, Boris Becker, who was then only 17-years-old. That same year, Becker went on to win the Wimbledon, and his victory has been part of PUMA folklore ever since. This year, PUMA celebrates the 30th anniversary of Becker’s unforgettable victory at Wimbledon, and this season, many styles filed under the archives of PUMA’s ‘firsts’ and ‘onlys’ will be reissued.


The Puma Match 74 2015 reissue has been reworked for off-court appeal

The iconic Match 74 is updated with added off-court appeal – panels that were originally added to prevent players slipping on court now feature premium suede in pops of color.

In addition to the Match 74, the Puma Boris Becker (under the Lifestyle Select range), originally released in the mid 80s, also one of Becker’s signature shoes on the court, will be reissued this season. The high top shoes are crafted with soft rich leather and imprinted with red details.

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The Puma Boris Becker, first released in the mid 80s, was one of Becker’s signature shoes on the court

PUMA and tennis go a long way back. The brand entered the world of tennis soon after the company was established and launched its first professional tennis shoe, the Match, in the 60s. Throughout the 70s and 80s, PUMA released a flurry of performance enhancing tennis shoes: all white leather – occasionally with colored Formstrips. They were high quality, made in Europe, tough to replicate and worn by the best athletes including Guillermo Villas, Martina Navratilova and of course, Becker himself.

Adam Petrick, PUMA Brand Director, said, “PUMA’s desire to be Forever Faster is long established. The brand’s rich tennis heritage has seen some of the games most celebrated athletes stalk the baseline in their PUMA Tennis shoes. Whilst the innovations that helped PUMA redefine tennis product and performance throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s may have been eclipsed the timeless silhouettes continue to endure off-court.”

The Match 74 and the PUMA Boris Becker will be available at PUMA retail stores and selected wholesalers from April 26th onwards at the retail price of S$129 and S$220, respectively. 

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