Puma Takumi Slipstream Collection

Puma Takumi Slipstream Collection

From the Puma Takumi Collection come the Slipstream Lo Animal JNC and Suede Mid Classics Leopard/Zebra. These beautiful beasts are 100% made in Japan.

The Puma Slipstream lineage began in sports. It became an iconic sneaker silhouette in 1988 when it was favored by basketball players on the courts of New York City for its stability and cushioning. Off-court, it made its way to the streets, finding a following among sneaker connoisseurs and the subculture generation of hip-hop dance crews for its unique design.

After a long hiatus, the style was later re-issued as the Slipstream Beast in 2002, inspired by the Tokyo street scene. It joined the ranks of Japanese monster lore and became known as the ‘Beast’ due to its material embellishments in animal prints, leather and fur.

The Slipstream Lo Animal JNC (September 26th) and Suede Mid Classics Leopard/Zebra (October 7th) are made in Puma’s Japanese factory, which explains the price tag. But hey, you’re paying for “Takumi” (artisanal) quality. The shoes will retail at Vault@313 Somerset and Limited Edt Chamber@MBS. Price ranges from SG$419 to SG$429.

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