Recap: Edible Gardening & Inventive Cocktail Workshop at Transitional___

Recap: Edible Gardening & Inventive Cocktail Workshop at Transitional___

Plucking your own greens and making your own cocktails may sound like an uphill task, but it’s actually pretty fun. Check out our experience at one such workshop that was held on the rooftop of the National Design Centre.


Participants having a toast before playing gardener and bartender for the day.

Members of the media made their way to the rooftop of the National Design Centre during lunchtime last Thursday, September 18th, for an edible gardening and inventive cocktail workshop. Organized by Reyka Vodka, Edible Garden City and Shophouse & Co as part of the Transitional___ pop-up concept, the workshop was a welcome step into the unknown for the participants present.


Stella Gwee (L) and Roy Pearce (R) sharing about the joys of what they do.

Shophouse & Co’s director Stella Gwee introduced the idea of using urban spaces not commonly known by most people, while Edible Garden’s co-founder Rob Pearce advocated the merits of growing fresh produce in tropical Singapore. He then showed the fruits of his labor – a rooftop garden teeming with edible greens such as herbs and rosemary. Participants were encouraged to sample the natural taste of these herbs and to snip some for the cocktail-making.

Regional Portfolio Ambassador Zachary explaining the use of herbs in cocktail making

As both bartender and ambassador for WIlliam Grant & Sons, Zachary Connor de Git sure knows his greens pretty well.

And who better to teach amateurs about making cocktails than Zachary Connor de Git, bartender and Regional Portfolio Ambassador for William Grant & Sons. Armed with a host of bartending apparatus and ingredients, the affable young man joined in the gathering of herbs before giving a quick lesson on drink-making and deftly making some experimental cocktails of his own.

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Picking from a variety of plants from the Edible Garden for the cocktail workshop

Little known fact: Snipping leaves from plants actually encourages growth.

Not to be outdone, participants rolled up their sleeves and got to work, cutting up the greens and giving their concoctions a good shake. While the tastes were not always up to mark, the experience was definitely worth every minute.

Guests concocting their own cocktails with the herbs of their choice

Participants making their own cocktails…with varying results

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