Video: SBTG Workshops: Classroom 1

Video: SBTG Workshops: Classroom 1

Watch our video recap of the SBTG Workshops: Classroom 1, where participants were schooled on the Crucial Basics of Sneaker Customization. Here’s what each of them had to say about the experience.

SBTG Workshops | Classroom 1 | Crucial Basics of Sneaker Customization from Betaphats

On September 8th, SBTG Workshops organized Classroom 1, a sneaker customization workshop where participants learnt the hows and whys and the dos and don’ts of making custom sneakers.

Participants included Haikal Bakar, Co-Founder of Straatosphere, Dexter Tan, Co-Founder of Sole Superior, and Kamiliah Bahdar, Art Curator at Galerie Steph.

Classroom 1 commenced with a demo by Mr. and Mrs. Sabotage who taught the fundamentals such as deglazing a shoe to prepare it for paint, the finer points of applying paint on leather, and the tips and tricks of using stencils to re-produce perfectly executed logos and artwork on custom made sneakers. Post demo, participants proceeded to have a go at making their own custom sneakers.

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Watch the video above for the end results and what each participant had to say about the experience.

straat sbtg

1 of 1 Straatosphere Custom!

Stay tuned to Straatosphere for an announcement of upcoming SBTG Workshops.


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