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2014 Published: November 18, 2014 Updated: February 19, 2019  |  WORDS: Hana Kim

All Pumped Up: Deon Phua Wears the Concepts x Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary

It’s the Reebok Pump’s 25th anniversary, and the brand has lined up numerous collaborative releases to celebrate the iconic shoe. Here’s a look at one of them, the Concepts x Reebok Pump 25, worn by artist Deon Phua from Tell Your Children studio.

Photos by Haq Anuar
Apparel from A.P.C. and Front Row

Deon Phua, Artist at Tell Your Children

Which part of the Reebok Pump appeals to you most?
“The Reebok Pump’s classic silhouette appeals to me most.”

Art and sneaker design are intricately linked. What does this connection mean to you?
“It means an outlet for creative self-expression that is shared by different people from different cultures all around the globe.”

What gets you all pumped up?
“The drive to better myself as a creative person and the inspiration I get from working with the dynamic team at Tell Your Children pumps me up!”

The Concepts x Reebok Pump 25th Anniversary is now available at Limited Edt at VivoCity, Queensway and 313@Somerset