Reebok Unveils Apparel for UFC Fighters and Fans

Reebok Unveils Apparel for UFC Fighters and Fans

In a move that elevates the sport of mixed martial arts to a whole new level, all UFC fighters will have new attire which can be purchased by fans as well.

Launch Of The Reebok UFC Fight Kit

UFC fighters showcasing the Fight Kit that they will wear for their battles in the Octagon

Major sports such as soccer and basketball have long enjoyed partnerships with performance sportswear brands, and now, the Ultimate Fighting Championship follows suit by working together with Reebok on a lineup of attire for its mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters and fans. All fighters under the roster will don the UFC Fight Kit, which comes in three variations:

Champion Kit – Black and grey colors with iconic gold trim, worn only by current champions
Country Kit – With country-specific colors and badging
Universal Kit – Black and silver colors with a global badge, available for all fighters

Each kit consists of an official walkout jersey, variations of shorts, skorts (a portmanteau of skirt and shorts), the walkout hoodie, and assorted performance tops for women. The clothing are made with strength, speed, comfort and flexibility in mind, helping fighters maintain optimal performance inside the cage.

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Launch Of The Reebok UFC Fight Kit

Champions get black and grey jerseys to differentiate them from the contenders

For everyday fans and MMA enthusiasts, there’s also the Reebok Combat collection which is a range of high performance apparel ideal for training and fighting. Fans can show their support for fighters such as Conor “The Notorious” McGregor or Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey with tops that are printed with the fighters’ names and imagery.

If you don’t have the physique to pull off the latest threads from Reebok, don’t worry. The collection will only be available in Singapore from April/May 2016 onwards, plenty of time for you to hit the gym and get ripped. Or if you can’t wait, head on to the UFC Store and Reebok Store to pre-order yours today.

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